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  1. Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A12

    Samsung recently announced the new Galaxy A12 Smartphone as its latest entry-level in Galaxy A-series for the UK market in January 2021. It succeeds its predecessor Galaxy A11 and showcases all specifications that one would expect from an entry-level Smartphone from electronic giant Samsung.

    The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a 4G Smartphone with an Infinity-V display and quad-camera set up that stock out on the back. It has an outa-processor consisting of CPU cores clocked at 2.3GHz and 1.8GHz. The Smartphone is available at Samsung channels and major UK retailers at the price of £169.

    We bring you the best cases for Samsung Galaxy A12 with their specific features and quality. These cases are readily available at the Mobile Lyme Online Store as available here at this website.

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    Let’s check out the best cases for Samsung Galaxy A12:

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  2. Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G a good phone?

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan edition is the diluted version of the Galaxy S20 series. You all by now must be aware that the price of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is quite cheaper than the other Galaxy S series but the question remains, do you still get a flagship-level experience using it? How to become sure that this affordability will also bring quality with it? To get the answer, let’s head over to the article to understand the key specifications of this Smartphone with some comparison in a detailed way. Let’s dive in:

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  3. Does the Galaxy S20 FE have wireless charging?

    Last month, Samsung released its new variant of the Galaxy S series: the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE with 256GB of internal storage. This S20 Fan edition was released to offer the most important features that the Galaxy S fans wish most to have in their Smartphone.

    The edition is not inclusive of those features that fans are not in dire need of or those they don’t even care if they exist, if the phone would have been sold at the lowered price. Yes, you heard it right. The Galaxy S20 Fan edition is available at lesser price and is composed of only those exact features that fans want and haven’t included other features that fans don’t even care about.

    The usual galaxy features are all here, and the most important that is today part of discussion is its wireless charging feature.

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