Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 series

A range of Smartphones available in the market with various significant features, yet all of them are prone to physical abuse and accidental mishaps. That is why protective mobile phone cases were introduced to make people’s lives easier and less stress-free. Mobile cases are great at protecting the fragile part of your phone, but to avoid any unfortunate risks, it is important that you use the best ones out there in the market.

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In this article, we have gathered the list of best cases for your latest Samsung Galaxy S21 series Smartphone that you can find at Mobile Lyme Limited Company as available here at this website.

So, without further ado, let’s browse through the collection of best cases for the family of Samsung Galaxy S21 series:


Ringke Fusion X Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Ringke Fusion X Case is the top most choice for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile. They are compatible for all Galaxy S21 series. It is made up of Hard PC and flexible TPU material which provides external protection to your Smartphone. The material is of great quality which makes the mobile case long durable for users.


The flexible TPU frame of this Ringke Fusion X Case shields four corners of the device and acts as reinforced shock absorption and against any physical abuse. The two part construction of the case is inclusive of hard PC and flexible TPU which provides hybrid protection to your Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile. The hard PC at the back of the case offers external protection and TPU frame acts as shield, giving protection to all four corners of the device. This suggests that the Ringke Fusion X Case offers great resistance against shock bumps and physical impacts.


The Ringke Fusion X Case is tested drop-proof protection for the device and saves it against any physical damage. The reinforced shock absorption features of this mobile case offers durability even in the event of accidental mishaps.

Design and Packing:

It is made up of TPU and hard PC and has integrated ridges and non-slip design to give a comfortable grip to the device and prevent against drops. The Fusion X Case is completely embossed with the transparent back to complement the attractive look of your Galaxy S21 series.

ESR Air Shield Boot Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Though the ESR Air Shield Boot Case is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, it works with other S21 series family. The Air Shield and raised slip in the case offers drop-proof protection to your mobile.


The ESR Air case is made of flexible soft TPU and hard PC at the back of the case which is effective in providing all-round protection to the Smartphone against any shocks, bumps, and impacts. The case features a raised lip which prevents the device screen from any scratches on the sensitive parts such as the camera lens or the screen.


The ESR Air Shield Case is given a silky smooth finishing that brings super comfort on holding the case. Also, the hard PC and flexible soft TPU blends well to offer great durability.

Design and Packing:

The Case comes with an adjustable kickstand that can be adjusted up to 60 degrees, giving a comfortable viewing angle in every situation along with required protection and elegance.


Ringke Fusion CAMO X Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Ringke Fusion CAMO X Case is the ideal choice for your ultra slim Galaxy S21 Smartphone with long durability and great protection.


The Fusion CAMO X case offers a hybrid design to give drop-proof military grade protection to your ultra slim phone from any damage. It has hard PC back and flexible TPU bumper which are proven sufficient to give all-round protection to your device. It has raised bezel design which covers the toughened mobile corners along with the sensitive parts of the device.


The case is uniquely designed to withstand drops and shocks. It is made up of a hard PC back and flexible TPU frame surrounds the device which gives a long durability.

Design and Packing:

Rignke Fusion CAMO X has got reinforced shock absorbing corners into fusion X design offering a long lasting protection. The case has a transparent back which reveals the actual beauty of the case.


Ringke Fusion Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Ringke Fusion Case is customized to fit with Samsung galaxy S21 ultra and other galaxy S21 series with crystal clear design which shows its elegance.


Gripped with robust TPU bumper and perfect blend with PC back provide drop-proof long lasting protection to the device against any drops and falls. The advanced 2x coating of the case provides great protection to the slim design device.


Made up of a blend of PC and TPU high quality materials, the case offers durability along with adequate protection.


This Fusion Case is crystal clear in appearance, displaying the originality of the device. It features a duo quick clutch on both sides adding versatility to the Galaxy S21 device and making it adaptable to any unfortunate incidents. Moreover, it is compatible with most of the screen protectors and supports advanced features like wireless charging.


Final Remarks:

So, afore-mentioned were some of the best cases for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is also customized to fit with other S21 mobile series. Here, our journey of providing you the list of best cases for the family of Samsung Galaxy S21 series finally comes to an end.

There are varieties of best options mentioned above but the final decision rests up to the customers. Therefore, to bring your more options, you can browse through the other collection of the Mobile Lyme Limited website. They also update the customers with regular buying guides for mobile cases and covers for latest phones.

So, seal the deal now by buying your protective case and covers and enjoy stress free experience with your Galaxy S21 Smartphone.