Best Wireless in Ear Headset and Earphones 2020

From the past few years, technology and related accessories are mottled and specked, but 2019 introduced much better technology and was one step ahead of improvement. In 2020, mobile computing, applied science, and technology become vaster and upgrade in level. Engrossing with related topics of our blog, people found it difficult to carry their wired hands-free or headsets but in 2020 different companies release wireless headset and earphones that are highly expensive along with efficient batteries. They are available in different colors along with a variety of unique features like some of them are for daily use, some wireless earbuds are designed specifically for sports and outdoor activities. The wireless earphones are small in size, easy to carry, handy, and has Bluetooth connectivity. In this article, we will discuss the extremely latest wireless headset and earphone use in daily life and also in sports as you can use it in multiple places. Here are few

  1. Sports Wireless headset HOCO ES7.
  2. HB Pro Q62 wireless Sports earbuds.
  3. BE24 Sports Bluetooth Wireless headset.
  4. HOCO E28 Wireless Bluetooth headset.
  5. HOCO E24 Wireless Bluetooth headset.

1. Sports Wireless Headset HOCO ES7

Sports Wireless headset HOCO ES7

If you are in the gym or practice running in a ground or play cricket or any other outdoor sports than it becomes difficult to attend calls or listening to your favorite audio’s and music through a wired earphones that sometimes get tangled after any twist, instead of that wireless sport headset HOCO ES7 will help you to enjoy listening to your favorite music with complete hands-free operation.

Wireless ES7 has soft and solid gripped earbuds that will place completely and firmly in your ear without any fall or a drop. ES7 wireless headset is very beneficial or a sports person, because it has a life long battery of 100mAH and your accessory, can work a maximum of 7 hours. Moreover, it has a user-friendly functional design that is efficient for the workplace. Its charging time is 2 hours and with low power consumption it has speedy pairing and material is ultra-comfortable and ergonomic. This 21-gram weight wireless headset is compatible with all smartphones especially Samsung and available in different colors with the price up to $15.

2. Power HBQ Pro Q62 Sports True Wireless Earbuds

HB Pro Q62 Sports True Wireless Earbuds

HB Pro Q62 wireless earbuds is another handy and lightweight sport headset with 10 hours of music time and 5 hours call time. If you efficiently use it then you can use this device for 3 to 4 days without charging it. Battery life is 100mAH and consume less power, some of the maximum Power HBQ headsets have a battery life up to 950 mAH. Bluetooth of Q62  is V5.0 and supports most Bluetooth devices and smartphones. When we talk about its quality and design, it has a premium standard and features like its functional noise abandon the waterproof and multimedia device.

Complete volume controls with high sound quality and also switch songs. Wireless HB pro has hook-shaped earbuds that are completely warm and it to your ears and you can easily run out, If you have any sweat then the device is waterproof and there is no issue in quality. One more unique feature is that it has Airy support (three-point support) system and it is compatible with almost all smartphones with a price up to $30.96.

3. BE24 Sports Bluetooth Wireless headset

BE24 Sports Bluetooth Wireless headset

BE24 is also a sport wireless headset made of ABS material which is made of thermoplastic polymer. It also has a volume up/down and a play/pause button with clear sound quality and you can enjoy your running and other outdoor sports with music and fun, you can also easily attend all phone calls, provide Bluetooth connectivity of V4.2. Charging time is 2hours with 5 hours call time, 7 hours of music time and the standby hours are 180. BE24 has a 100mAH rechargeable battery capacity and can connect within 10 meters easily.

This device can support different languages and also has magnetic and easy storage with 16g weight. BE24 wireless sports headset has a firm fit in your ear, soft ergonomic and smooth design. You can choose your desired color and use it while jogging, playing, riding, and also even while skating. These wireless earbuds can go with any smartphone easily and charge up to $16.99.

4. HOCO E28 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

HOCO E28 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

HOCO E28 is a 5gram in weight wireless headset made of highly durable thermoplastic polymer ABS material. It is for daily use and it can go with all smartphones, tablets, iPods and other devices along with a small ISSC wireless chip of version 4.1. Its battery capacity is 45mAH with charging time 2 hours, stand by time is 90 hours, call and music time is 4hours.

A small back holder is on the back of an earbud that makes it more firm and sleek in design. These wireless earbuds come in a combination of two-color or example white/orange, grey/neon, and red/black with prices up to $17.97.

5. HOCO E24 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

HOCO E24 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

HOCO E24 is good quality sound earbuds that cover a range of 10 meters. It has one unique factor that makes it versatile that is E24 wireless earbuds have a smart touch system in which you just have to answer or hang up the call or play/stop music with the only touch.

Along with one-touch operation, it has a 4.1 version of Bluetooth chip and has an extremely lightweight deice of only 4grams. E24 has 40mAH battery capacity with 2 hours of charging time and 90 hours stand by time. It goes with every smartphone and its price is up to $19.97.


All the above discussed wireless earbuds are branded, ultra-elegant , slim and sleek. If you are a sport person you can go for a sport wireless headsets and I you want to use them casually then you can go for casual wireless earbuds. You can also use sports wireless headset for casual use because all earphones are o high quality and have maximum battery capacity. You will find Bluetooth wireless earbuds more easily and handy rather than tangled wired earphones