Does TPU protect your phone?

 In the past, we didn't use to have the good type of phone and the good type of security for the phones.  I am not talking about the internal security of the phone like the password but I am talking about the external security like the back and front cover for the phone.  There are many kinds of covers available in the market for the smartphone you have to protect the phone from any collision. There are protective cases and also the bumper case available in the market but one of the latest technology in this regard could be called tpu. It means Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. The good thing about this material is that it is available in an elastic material and also in rubber material.  Along with that it also comes in plastic. But the question is that does this type of material protects the phone from any damage. 


It has many qualities

This type of material is not only available in the phone covers and cases but it is the same material that is used in the dishwashing sponge. This material is used also in medical appliances that is why it is regarded as one of the best in the field.  The good thing about this material is that it is shockproof. Even though it doesn't come in colors and Designs but the qualities the amazing and it will be hard enough to protect the phone and other devices from damage. 

But it is hard

When we are looking for protecting our phone then not only do we need a good cover for the phone but also the flexible material which can cover the whole body of the phone but this is not possible with the tpu.  Because this material is regarded as hard enough it is not very good in terms of flexibility.  there are many cover and protected cases available in the market for Samsung Galaxy A12, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung Galaxy A72 5G, Samsung Galaxy A82, iPhone SE 2020 In the material of tpu but depends on the choice of the consumer it is bought accordingly. 

Is silicone better?

Many consumers get confused that should they go for the silicone material or the tpu. The silicon is a good material but it is not good material for the phone covers.  The reason is that according to the research done in this regard the Silicon material is Bad conductor of heat.  Whereas because the tpu is a good material it can not only provide you the protection against the damages but also it covers the large area of the phone.  Even though it is a very hard material but if you will find the right cover for your phone then not only it will be able to cover the whole phone and also the sensor in the right way but at the same time because of the thick quality it can protect against any damages.  The best thing about the tpu material is that because of the thickness it can make the phone look bulky. 

The Great protection against scratches

Because the material of the tpu is Elastic but hard, it is a very good material against any damages but at the same time against the scratches which happen with the smartphone. The good thing about this type of protective case against the damages will be that because this material is hard, it is stick with the phone and doesn't lose the Grip. It means that even if you will use the smartphone hardly it will not be problematic that the cover for the smartphone will news and there will be some damage to the phone.  depends on the consumer and the model he has, he should choose the tpu cover for the protection of the case but the cover should be covering the edges of the phone.  Because some of the covers are good enough in the material but they are not very identical to the model of the phone and eventually it doesn't protect the phone.   This is a problem that needs to be countered very quickly because some of the time the damage to the phone happens only at the edges of the phone. 

Customer reviews are satisfactory

According to the reviews by the customers, they say that even though the price of the tpu is high but the output they are going to get in this regard is amazing. They say because of the durability of the cover case and also the Safety it provides, the cost of the cover is worthy of it. Because of many materials available in the market, the customer can get confused between other types of cases and tpu.  Some of the time the consumer is comparing the silicone case with tpu. Because of this many consumers get confused and get the best product at the protective case for their smartphone.  The only solution in that regard is you should compare the positives of one cover to the other.  You should compare the disadvantages of one cover to the other.  Maybe some of the covers are very good in terms of beauty but maybe they are not according to the requirement you have.  This thing needs to be covered totally by researching in this regard and our article will be a big help for you in that matter. 


so if the question will be that what type of cover can be protective against the damages for the smartphone or tpu can protect your phone against any damages or scratches then we will gladly and easily will say that it does protect the phone but only if you are going to get the exact size of the cover for your phone according to the model you have. Not only the cover should be of exact size but it should not be covering the camera and the sensors. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the phone with the full functionality and it will be problematic for you to use the smartphone for your needs.