Is a TPU case better than silicone?

So, you are thinking to take a mobile case for your smartphone. These are available in variety of colors and solid shapes online. No only this, you can purchase them in a variety of materials like silicon and TPU. The modern cases are water resistant or possibly water safe. You can buy it online. The potential harm to the phones is liquids. If you have dunked your device in the can, dropped in pools then this cover will save it. There is number of water proof cases available in market that allow users to protect their device from fluids. So now it’s time to grab a water proof yet stylish protection for phone.



For making your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G classy and beautiful choose accessories carefully. For this purpose, a user must focus on some points that are very important in order to provide class and protection. The extraordinary advantage is to offer beauty as well as comfort. These are accessible in the business sector in various shapes, colors, sizes and varieties in order to single, double and many other sizes. For offering style to your room, these accessories are very important.

What is TPU Material?

Thermoplastic polyurethane substance is a type of thermoplastic elastomer. It is melt-processable and elastic and is a kind of cube copolymer. With the variety of procedures, these are very simple to color. The hard portions are aliphatic and these are aromatic.

TPU VS Silicon

If you are looking for a high-quality item, then you must know which material can be suitable for your Samsung smartphones and iPhone. You can use both of the materials for all Samsung smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy A72 5G.

The use of the silicon cases is highly beneficial to save your device. It is available in the market with variety of features.

  • It comes in the market with easy touch screen access.
  • These covers are flexible by offering complete front and back protection.
  • It saves your devices from knocking and scratching.
  • Your touchscreen effect will remain comfortable and delicate for frequent use.
  • It protects your phone from duct, oil, sweat and water. It sets tightly on the device for offering easy grip.

Not only due to these functionalities, these covers are dynamic but to offer an affluent shimmer these are incredible. The use of these covers enhances your elegance in the crowd because it offers glamour to your appearance. These are designed in innovative styles to offer shimmer. It provides a perfect allure as well.

Is TPU safe or toxic?

We all know that TPUs are polymers and they have toxins in it. For the animal and human, these are toxic. These are make-up balance compounds.

Silicon is an eco-friendly material that is completely safe and secure for your use. It is waterproof and weatherproof for making your accessories safe from the hard weather conditions. It is a dynamic product that provides you complete safety to your Samsumg Galaxy A82 from spills of water, humidity, moisture and scratches.


No doubt, iPhone SE 2020 your needs flexibility. Therefore, everyone is looking for the scalability of the smartphone cases. There are many aspects that are involved in it. Flexibility plays a vital role in the manufacturing. TPU is more flexible as compared to the other materials and silicon.

Which one is better TPU Vs Silicon?

There are different other substances that are used to form an excellent smartphone cases but no other kind of items can protect your smartphone better than TPU and silicon. Therefore, you need to choose from anyone of them. You can buy wallet phone cases or shockproof cases for your phone.

How strong TPU material is?

It is normally used in different products. TPU is available in the plastic form and it hard too. You can set it easily for your phone. Its components are polyether, polycaprolactone, and polyester.

Are these waterproofs?

The waterproof case ensures against spills and does it in a thin and vivid outline that can't be beat. It's evaluated to high class product and is TouchID perfect, which implies that cellphone is great notwithstanding when submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Silicon cover will give extreme assurance from soil, drops, snow and water with the Waterproof Case that is made of with two layers and will cover all catch, ports and camera, yet permits to utilize the telephone without taking the cover off. It additionally accompanies its own defensive front screen to shield it from scratches.

The TPU case offers easygoing waterproof insurance like when one is out for a brisk swim or in the rain. The perfectly sized case will permit to utilize the touchscreen and it's promoted to work when submersed up to 20-feet profound. It's not massive and looks great.


No doubt stylish items are worthy for increasing the allure of your cell phone. The affordable silicon and TPU Samsumg Galaxy A12 Cases contain high-quality construction. The material is of high-quality and dynamic. For increasing the beauty, you can use accessories to secure your mobile. All these things are sure to make your device safe and stylish.

  • Specially designed for iPhone
  • Contains fashionable pattern
  • It is easy to use and care
  • Contains two different lay


TPU is less durable material but silicon will be helpful for the users for a long term. A good material is always exclusive in quality because it provides the convenience of washing it in machines. The colors and prints must not be faded out in some washes. It is very easy to care and can be used for outdoor. It saves your device from getting damp in the snow, hailing and rain. It is heavy duty device.



In short, the TPU smartphone cover is not much durable as compared to the silicon case. Silicon material is strong and you will enjoy its longevity. These cases are fire-resistant. Due to its high-quality and elastic properties, these phones are great to contribute a lot towards durability.

Moreover, silicon cases have benefits over all other materials since a user can get longer life and flexibility. These are designed in different colors and shapes. The majority of the people prefer these items.