Review on Samsung Note 20 and  Note 20 Plus

Review on Samsung Note 20 and  Note 20 Plus

Samsung 20 is the next powerhouse of smartphone series in Samsung. No sooner, we can expect the note 20 and note 20 plus to be operated at the fingertips of the user. The phone is on its way to the launch date by August 5. The phone is developed, taking a lot of tech from S20 alongside many brand new features on the phone. Many techs are expected into the telephone from galaxy S20, S20 ultra, and S20 plus as it is the flagship of the phones in the year 2020.

Here are release date and price

Like many, we, too, are excited about the release date. It is rumored that Samsung is presenting its unpacked (name for Samsung big launches ) on August 5. The company would probably use this to unwell it flagship note phone series of the year. Though it is not confirmed news from the giant manufacturer, every time we hear a new launch from Samsung, it is this time of the year. You might not be able to immediately buy the phone; it might hit the stores a bit later after August 21. However, we can be conformed that note is coming as the company announced that a new note is on its way for the year 2020.

In terms of cost, it is expected Samsung note 20 to be priced around $949 for the 4G version and around $1049 for the 5G version. When it comes to Samsung Note ultra, it may be priced around $1399. Of course, these are just expected prices at which the phone will hit the market.

Design and display 

Initially, the Note series from Samsung is rumored to be named as galaxy note 20 and note 20 plus, keeping in view how Samsung has named its galaxy models earlier. Later, the new names of note series from Samsung are confirmed as galaxy note 20 and galaxy note 20 ultra.

The design of note phones features Infinity-O display having a design that looks similar to galaxy S20. However, an additional room for an S pen hostler for stylus enhances its looks further. According to the leaked photos from the Russian website, galaxy note ultra is believed to holds the looks of what is rumored but has a big rear camera bump. It has got a large display with slim bezels and centered punch cut out. Other smaller details to be taken note of like S pen moved to bottom left and volume buttons going to the right. The absence of a headphone jack in the design may take you by surprise.

Note 20 is said to be embossed with round corners, and note 20 ultra comes with the square ones. The note 20 comes with a plastic back, and note20 ultra has a glass one at the back. 

In terms of display, the giant Samsung introduces a 120Hz refresh rate in all its in all S20 models, and you are expected to see more improvements in the note series on its way to launch in no time. While ultra is turned out to be the flagship of Samsung note series, Note 20 may be lower to make it more affordable. For the ones whose pocket size is premium, note 20 is the choice. 

According to leaked sources, note 20 is expected to come with a 6.7-inch screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. Though the dimension sound impressive, it has a lower profile when compared to Note 20 ultra. The manufactures are believed to sport ultra phone with a 6.9-inch screen AMOLED certified display with a 120Hz refresh rate.


Samsung note 20 phones are expected to feature an extra-large camera module. The phones could have a series of imaging stack with the triple-lens set up for note 20 ultra. The note series gets a galaxy S camera with slight improvements. As per wide speculations running around, note 20 will not be featuring space zoom camera available Galaxy S20. The 100XZoom camera feature is practically impossible for note series phones from Samsung. The photos with the zoom feature may turn blurry unless there is a tripod to reduce the shake. However, the missing zoom feature is expected to be replaced with a 64MP sensor used in the telephoto lens.

The note phones feature 108MP primary camera found in S20 ultra – at least the premium model of note phones will. The two models are expected to feature a 108MP primary sensor along with a 13MP telephoto lens and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. It also is said to feature a laser focus sensor to handle focusing issues. 

Battery and charging 

Both the Galaxy Note series is going to offer good performance to the user in terms of battery and charging. While Galaxy Note 20 is said to hold 4000mAh battery, the battery range Note 20 ultra would get still uncertain. It may borrow 4500mAh from the Galaxy S20 Plus or even go bigger to 5000mAh. 

Another Galaxy Club report indicated that Samsung is going with the 4,500 mAh battery for the Galaxy Note 20 Plus. If true, that's an upgrade from the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but still smaller than the Galaxy S20 Ultra's battery. It's hoped that the LTPO technology Samsung's expected to use to manage screen refresh rates will have a positive effect on power consumption.

Other features 

Both the note series phones will have completely new and updated software. It is said that note 20 phones are shipping with Snapdragon 865 chipset. It is reportedly said note 20 to hold 128 GB storage and 8GB of RAM. The manufactures are still optimistic about the launch of a 256GB/12GB variant sometime later. Samsung note 20 ultra will hold 512 GB with 16 GB RAM by default. Here is a wild guess on variants of Note 20 ultra will be available like 256GB/12GB and 512GB/16GB configurations. There is also an expected bump in the battery capacity of two phones as well. Both the phones may sport 4500mAh battery.