What size SIM do I need for my Samsung Gala?

What size SIM do I need for my Samsung Gala?. Samsung Galax protect hardware and software.. Before moving to our main and foremost topic, we will first discuss the layout and structure of the Galaxy S20. Samsung Galaxy S20 has Sim card and memory card slot, a light sensor, edge screen, fingerprint recognition, earphone jack that can be used for multi-purposes y S20 has a quick-witted battery, plenty of storage, hard and heady processing system.  Samsung Galaxy S20 series provide massive security and revamped protection system that not only protects your device PIN, password or pattern but also pervades in every part of your phone to(USB-C), a volume & other side keys(to power off a device


Types of SIM cards 

Every smartphone has a different sim card format. Generally, there are different size of sim cards that can be used and main SIM card formats are given below

  • Micro-SIM card. (used in early 2008 ).
  • Mini-SIM card. (Not compatible with latest smartphones).
  • Nano-SIM card. (Highly preferable for Galaxy S20).

Before we talk about the size of SIM  cards use for Galaxy S20. Let's talk about

Nano-SIM card

It is thinner and much smaller than micro, and mini sim cards. Nano-sim card is the Forth form factor card but the amount of data is the same as in all other previous sim cards.  Mini, micro-sim cards can be cut down to make a nano sim card and they can fit in perfectly in iPads and iPhone models.

Micro SD card

.A micro secured digital card is used to store different types of data like photos, videos, applications, and other files. It is used in mobile phones, cameras to make better usage of cards in smartphones or other devices. Micro SD card immediately stores data in an appropriate location.

Size of SIM card for Samsung Galaxy S20

When the question arises that What size SIM do I need for my Samsung Galaxy S20? Samsung always launches two variants of its product. So, it depends upon the version of the Galaxy S20. There are two main variants of Samsung Galaxy

  • One is a U.S version that is available in the United States.
  • Other is a Global version that can be used anywhere in the world.

U.S version

This version is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 that provides the fastest and high-quality mobile phones. U.S version of Galaxy S20 is a single sim model that allows a microSD card which is ITB that allows a user to store millions of photos and videos on a smartphone. Galaxy S20 also uses a nano sim along with a single sim card plate. A nano sim card size is best for Galaxy S20.

Global version 

The global version of Galaxy S20 uses dual-sim connectivity powered by Exynos 990. User can insert two SIM cards or two nano-SIM cards because it has a hybrid SIM slot. Micro SD card is also used along with a nano-SIM card but can not be work if the user inserts two SIM cards.

Setup of SIM card in Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 is highly compatible with a nano-SIM, microSD card with ITB memory size, and with an eSIM along with S20 5G. Here are some setups to insert your SIM card in a SIM plate/slot

  • SIM card in Slot 1
  • SIM card in Slot 1 and microSD card in slot 2.
  • Nano SIM card in Slot 1 and Slot 2 has a microSD card.

If right Size SIM card for Samsung Galaxy S20 is not found

If you buy an inappropriate SIM card that is not compatible with Galaxy S20 then one better and easy way is to purchase another SIM card that finely operates with your smartphone. You can purchase it online or can go physically to a shop and place the order.

cutting the SIM card 

As it is discussed above that you can also cut your sim card carefully through a nano cutter or scissor to split it in the nano-SIM card from a micro or mini-SIM card.


From the above all discussion, conclusively we can say that the nano-SIM card is perfect in size for Galaxy S20 and if a SIM card is not operating on your smartphone then you can make it a nano-size card by splitting it. Galaxy S20 has a hybrid SIM tray and one slot can use as a SIM card another one can use as a microSD card or a SIM card. As we all know that there are different kinds of SIM card formats so before buying a SIM card you have to be conscious about your correct phone size and its card format/size, so SIM can get insert into its slot