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Browser our huge range of Apple iPhone 12 Pro cases. We at Mobile Lyme stocks the very latest range of protection to suit your needs what ever it may be. Choose our durable protection for long lasting wear and tear. Free shipping on all iPhone pro order!

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Buying guide for iPhone 12 pro

iPhone 12 pro is undoubtedly an incredible phone that the user can hold in the year 2020. You will find one of the best cameras on the phone. The phone is made of fragile glass, which needs additional external protection when you carry them. Isn’t it scary to imagine if your iPhone is prone to starches and spills due to regular wear and tear? iPhones are known for their durability, yet dropping them on the surface can lead to costly repair or replacement.

Better prevent your phone from the cracked screen with the right mobile case. It is better to preempt your iPhone pro with a mobile case. Here is a buying guide to help you pick the right one.


iPhone is a popular choice for the users; many brands have come forward, offering mobile cases for giant brand iPhone pro. Few brands you can check include -Blasonr, and Krusell, Eiger, and Fortyfour Design. Filter your options from these brands to pick the right ones for you.

Materials used 

Brands customize mobile cases to fit in the needs of every customer. You will find mobile cases made of silicon to aluminum. While silicon made mobile cases are known to offer standard protection and a comfortable grip. Leather cases are known for rendering excellent protection. The material used in mobile cases promises the longevity of the mobile case. For the people whose phones are prone to accidental drops should prefer leather cases or soft inside and hard outside materials like a blend of polycarbonate and flexible TPU should be used. While blend material adds no bulk to your phone, offering ample protection, leather cases add excellent shielding to your phone.

Case styles

After you have filtered related to case materials and bands case styles. There is a wide range of case styles offered by different brands fitting the needs of every individual taste. You can have a choice between sleek cases, wallet cases, and bulk cases. You have a wide range of collections in every model you pick. The cases also available some built-in features like a stand for streaming content, videos, wireless charging, and extra lip edge for the mobile cases adding extra protection to drop against the surfaces.


What are checkpoints to buy a mobile case for iPhone pro?

Every smartphone that is newly introduced in the market comes with advanced features like wireless charging and power share. Look for the mobile cases that support the latest features while you pick one.

What is the price I expect to spend for mobile cases of iPhone 12 pro?

The price of different mobile cases from the brands is decided by various features like mobile stand, design of the mobile case, and materials used.

What is the right mobile case to get ample protection?

Pick the mobile cases that are made by robust and durable material. This gives your mobile the right protection against damage. Leather cases are known for providing better protection. You can guard your phone screen with a screen protector.

How to pick the one with exceptional style?

Style is always defined by the user based on their specific requirements, and there are plenty of features to add on to give style to the mobile case.