iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Explore our top ranges of cases for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Mobile Lyme stock the very best collection of protection that includes brands Krusell, I-Blason, Eiger, FortyFour and more! Visit our website and browse the very latest of durable protection as we are sure we will have something to suit your needs. Free shipping on all iPhone 12 pro max orders!

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Buying guide for iPhone 12 pro max mobile case

iPhone12 pro max is still one of the greatest phones available in Apple series of phones. It still holds a place inexpensive flagship phones of iPhone series. If you own one, it is imperative to add an extra shield to your phone with the right mobile case. There are many manufacturers competing in the industry to shield iPhone 12 pro max with the mobile case. However, picking the one needs you to consider a few key points to make the right purchase decision. 

 Case style 

 Your case selection should filter the options considering various factors to make your choice easy. iPhone 12 pro max can get mobile cases in different styles ranging from standard to wallet case models. You can pick one depending on your specific requirements and taste. While standard models aid complete back protection of the phone, wallet models are known for shielding the phone on both sides. Standard models are sleek and add no bulk to your phone. The front face of the phone is protected with raised lips shielding it against rubbing the surfaces. The wallet cases, on the contrary, shields the mobile both sides and allow them to carry important cards along with mobile. 


This is one of the key elements one should look at while picking the mobile case for iPhone12 pro max. It can be basic silicon or excellent leather case, make sure it meets your specific requirements. The silicon mobile cases are chosen for the users who are confident about handling the iPhone carefully because the mobile cases made of these materials are known to offer standard protection with a comfortable grip. The ones made blend material of flexible TPU, and polycarbonate offers medium protection. You should pick the cases made of these materials if your iPhone is more accidental prone and exposed to starches due to regular wear and tear. When you are not bothered about your mobile cases being bit pricy and only looking to offer excellent protection, mobile leather cases is your go. 


There are many brands offering mobile cases for iPhone12 pro max. It is important you land on the best brands in the industry to pick your option. A few of the best brands you can look into include Blasonr, and Eiger, Fortyfour design, and Krusell.


What should I check to buy a mobile case for iPhone 12pro max?

When you pick for the mobile case for iPhone12pro max, make sure it supports the latest features like wireless charging support and power share. 

What is the price range of the mobile case for iPhone12 pro max? 

It depends on the features you look for in the mobile case, like materials used, design of the case, and mobile stand.

Which mobile case gives the right protection?

The durability of the material decides the protection the mobile case can offer your phone. When you pick the mobile case made of a highly durable material like leather, you can expect the phone to get the right protection. 

 Which is a style mobile case?

The style of the mobile case always depends on the specific requirements of the user.