iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

Find the best protective iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with Mobile Lyme. We have the latest brands avaliable in stock that comes with long lasting protection. Choose from our long list of brands that include Spigen, Honeycomb, Fortyour, Eiger, ProGrip, Tech-Protect, Ringke, Nilikin, Duxducis, ProAir and more in our selection.

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Buyer's guide for iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone13 pro max is a blend of style and functionality is all set to release this September. The lightweight phone is said to be available in many color options. It is rumored with the largest display of 6.7 inches to bring content to life on the big screen. It is said to be featured with a 3850 mAh battery featuring a long life in terms of charging is good to go option for an outing. The pro max phone is also said to come with a 12mp+ 12mp +12mp camera in a single set up on the rear end and a 12mp front camera for top-notch photography. The mobile needs double-edged protection both for the camera and display for longer shelf life. The right mobile case can protect the expensive phone for a longer time. Here is a guide to choosing one.


Picking any mobile case for iPhone13 max pro starts with the material selection. It could range anywhere from silicon to premium leather. While silicon material is known to offer basic protection, premium leather material is for extensive protection of the mobile. TPU and polycarbonate mobile cases offer medium-range protection to the device


There are many best brands offering mobile cases for iPhone 13 max pro. Some of the best brands from which you can pick the mobile case include Rugged Shield Soft Silicone Shockproof Case, Tech-Prptech genuine leather universal pouch wallet case, Wuzixi ultra-thin shock absorber case, FanTings Rugged shockproof case, and more.


iPhone13 max pro comes with a larger display of 6.7 inches bags many style options that work best for its protection. Wallet cases, however, turn to be the first option for the expensive phone because one can be assured of screen safety and camera safety at the back while using the case. Clear and transparent cases are another style option available to lock the mobile where one can show off the original looks of the iPhone13 max pro while offering good protection to the device. Shockproof cases are another style option to protect your mobile from accidental falls while preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt at the ports of the mobile phone. All the styles of the mobile covers are designed to offer protection in a unique way; filtering your options will make your choices better. Out of all, wallet cases are considered best as they protect your mobile both front and back and are designed to offer maximum protection to the device in all angles.


What are the best iphone13 pro max cases?

Some of the best companies that manufacture mobile cases for iPhone13 pro max are Rugged Shield Soft Silicone Shockproof Case, Tech-Prptech genuine leather universal pouch wallet case, Wuzixi ultra-thin shock absorber case, FanTings Rugged shockproof case, and  more

How to select the right mobile cases for iPhone pro max?

To ensure you pick the best case for iPhone pro max, you have to check the features of the phone to know it perfectly fits in the size of the iPhone pro max phone. You should also check if the mobile case covers the most vulnerable parts like the front screen and edges of the mobile phone. You should stay away from the plastic cases because your phone will be impacted more in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Does the mobile case's color fade away?

Yes, many cases tend to change the color over a period of time. An effective solution is to replace it with the new one by purchasing it online or offline.

Does mobile cases for iPhone 13 pro max support wireless charging?

Yes, many brands manufacture iPhone 13 pro max mobile cases with the most advanced features like wireless charging and power share feature. You can charge your mobile anywhere and at any time.

What is the price range of the mobile cases?

The mobile cases for iPhone13 pro max come at different prices, and it varies according to features, design and style, materials used to manufacture it.

Which mobile phone case gives excellent protection?

Every mobile case is designed to offer great protection to the device but, premium leather cases recommended option as your mobile gets extreme protection to the device during accidental falls.