Do I have to pay duty on my order outside the UK?

727 views  November 4, 2020

Any orders place outsaid the United Kingdom is ( Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis and will be subject to the locatal custom import Duty charge of the country which is charge on the value of the purchase. 

Duty Payments outsaid the United Kingdom and European Community

  • Payment of these fee are the sole responsibiltiy of the customer that's ordering the goods.
  • Quick example: Custom Duty most be paid on orders over the sum of $200 to the United States.

Unpaid Duty outsaid the United Kingdom and European Community

  • All orders which (Delivery Duty is to be paid and are not paid), will be return to Mobile Lyme Limited as the customer who purchased the goods are refusing to pay the customer Duty of the country. 
  • In the case of the item been returned to us, any return chargers and a minimum admin charge of £10 or (equivalent currency at current exchange rate) this will be charged against your finial refund amount. 

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