Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cases

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Shop authentic cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Mobile Lyme sells the best protection from some of the most well known manufacturers that include Spigen, Eiger, Ducducis, ESR, Ringke, Prodigee, Kursell, King Kong, Superstar, Armor-X and much more that's added to our collection. Our durable protection are made of the highest materials that include TPU, Rugged Armor, Gel, Tough, Official Samsung, Hybrid, Wallet, Silicone, CAMO and much more that's added every single day.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cases; a Buyer's Guide

If you're a mobile phone user, you're likely in one of the two camps; iPhone or Android. For years there has been a small war waging between the two, and the default for the Android user is usually the Samsung Galaxy. For iPhone users, Samsung has often been something of a running joke. Still, the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has delivered a massive overhaul of Samsung's devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus features incredible Infinity-O displays and a triple camera setup. It's now lauded as one of the best smartphones on the market. If you're interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, or already have one, and are looking for the right case or cover to protect your device, we've set up a buyer's guide to help you choose the right one.

For the newest Samsung device, there is a huge selection of top quality, and fashionable LED cover casesfor creating amazing light displays. Brands that carry these cases include I-Blason, Eiger, Krusell, and Fortyfour Design. Browse these ranges, and you're sure to find something to fit you and your case without sacrificing quality or design.

Don't forget that when you choose a case, the material is an important decision. This is integral to the protection and longevity of your phone. Who hasn't ever dropped their phone or had an accident? Having a sturdy yet attractive material is key to protection.

Leather ultra thin cases are a popular choice for longevity and a sleek, classic look. For more robust cases, for those of you who are more accident-prone, go for ones that mix layers of soft and hard on top to ensure protection and durability. On the lighter end, silicone cases keep your phone free of dirt, dust, and scratches, as well as maintaining a slim and discreet shape.

Case Styles
What kind of style do you prefer for your phone? Do you prefer sleek and minimal, wallet cases, bulky and protective, practical or stylish? There are numerous cases to fit and suit the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Some features of these include a built-in stand for those who like to stream content and videos on their phones; wallet-style cases with card slots for you to carry the most important cards for easy access; some extra protective cases have an additional 'lip' around the edge of the phone for resting on surfaces or dropping without affecting the screen.

What do I need to remember with my new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus before buying a case?
Don't forget the newest feature 'Wireless PowerShare' as not all designs will be compatible.

What price range is there for these cases?
Many different factors influence price when it comes to cases. Generally speaking, the cases with more elaborate designs and expensive materials such as leather will increase the cost for the manufacturer and designer.

What's the best phone case for protecting my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?
Cases that feature tougher and more durable materials are best for protecting your case from damage. For extra safety, make sure you add a screen protector.

Which case is the most stylish?
There is a large array of fashionable cases to choose from. This all depends on your specific taste!