Money Back Guarantee

Details about Refunds

Refunds under this Clause will be dealt with in 14 calendar days of the below:

  • The day which said items are received back by us
  • The day which we are informed the goods are being sent back with appropriate evidence
  • Should we be the ones to collect the goods, the day which you tell us of your wish to cancel an existing contract
  • If no order confirmation has been provided yet or the goods have not been sent out yet, the day on which we are informed you want to cancel the order.
  • Refund deductions

Refunds covered by this Clause may be subject to deductions as below:

  • Refunds could be in line for a reduction if goods are handled excessively and this reduces their value. If a refund is issued before the goods are received or inspected, we could then charge you a sum we deem appropriate for any excessive handling discovered.
  • We are required by law to reimburse only standard charges for delivery in relation to any refund under Clause 12. Under our extended guarantee though, premium delivery charges are also reimbursed.
  • Refunds under this Clause will be made to the payment method used when the goods were ordered unless a specific request is otherwise made.

Consumer liability

    • We agree to be responsible for any damage or loss that is deemed as foreseeable and that you could see as a result of the above Sale Terms being breached or resulting from any negligence by us. Damage or loss is classed as foreseeable if it can be seen as a blatant consequence of any negligence or breach on our part. It is also foreseeable if thought about by us and you when any contract is set up. For any damage or loss that is not classed as foreseeable, then we will not be held responsible.
    • We only supply goods to consumers for private or domestic use. We make no representation that the items we sell are suitable for business, commercial, or industrial use. We will not be liable for any loss of business, business interruption or loss of profit.
    • No regulations set out in these Terms looks to exclude or limit our liability around personal injury or death caused by negligence on our part (including that of relating to our agents, employees and sub-contractors). This also applies in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation or fraud.
    • No information in the above Terms is designed to limit or exclude any legal consumer rights you have. For more advice around your legal rights, please contact your nearest Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau.