Refund Policy

Our Commitment to Transparent Refunds

At our company, we believe in providing a transparent and hassle-free refund process for our valued customers. We want to ensure that you feel confident and informed when it comes to refunding your order. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we have outlined the details of our refund policy below.

Refund Processing:

We strive to process refunds promptly and efficiently, aiming to complete the process within 30 calendar days. The refund timeline is based on the following events:

        1.      Receipt of Returned Items: Refunds will be initiated upon receiving the returned items from you.
        2.      Notification of Return: If you inform us about the return of goods along with appropriate evidence, we will initiate the refund process.
        3.      Collection of Goods by Us: In case we are responsible for collecting the goods, the refund process will commence once you notify us of your intention to cancel an existing contract.
        4.      Pre-Delivery or Order Cancellation: If an order confirmation has not been provided or the goods have not been dispatched, we will initiate the refund process upon receiving your request to cancel the order.

Refund Deductions:

To ensure fairness, refunds covered by this policy may be subject to deductions as outlined below:

1. Excessive Handling: If goods are excessively handled, resulting in a reduction in their value, a refund may be reduced accordingly. In such cases, we will charge an appropriate sum to compensate for any excessive handling discovered prior to receiving or inspecting the goods.

2. Delivery Charges: We are legally obligated to reimburse only standard delivery charges. However, under our extended guarantee, premium delivery charges will also be reimbursed.

Payment Method and Consumer Liability:

Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used during the order, unless a specific request is made for an alternative method.

We take responsibility for foreseeable damage or loss resulting from any breach of our Sale Terms or negligence on our part. However, we cannot be held liable for loss of business, business interruption, or loss of profit.

Our liability for personal injury, death caused by negligence (including that of our agents, employees, and sub-contractors), or cases of fraudulent misrepresentation or fraud is not limited or excluded by any terms mentioned above.

Please note that none of the information in this policy is intended to limit or exclude any of your legal consumer rights. For further guidance on your rights, we recommend contacting your nearest Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Please note; You will need to send and email to notifying us that you wish to return the item so our returns department is awere your item will be sent back.

Also, please make sure the list of information is included in your email that's listed below.

  • Your full name that you used to purchase the item
  • The full shipping address
  • The name of the items you are sending back and SKU's if it's more then one item