Pre - Ordering

Pre-Ordering at Mobile Lyme

Mobile Lyme provides you with the feature of pre-ordering so that you can reserve your most favourite items (SmartPhone Accessories; iPhone Cases and screen protectors, Samsung cases and screen protectors) without it becoming out-of-stock upon the releasing date.

You can easily pre-book, stylish, sleek or tough cases, strong screen protector and a variety of compatible chargers, headphones and phone holders, more accessories for your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and receive it on a priority basis as it gets available in the stock.

The Procedure

Pre-orders will guarantee immediate shipment for you on the date of release. The procedure is simple:

• As soon as the accessory is announced, pre-booking will be opened for your choice of accessory.
• You simply add the announced product to the cart and make pre-purchase without any money charged.
• The money will be charged when the item will be in stock and shipped at your address
• You will receive the item according to your selected choice of time frame at the time of pre-purchasing
• You can cancel the Pre-booked orders any-time before being shipped. No amount will be refunded at cancellation as no amount was charged at the time of pre-booking.
• You will be kept updated; as soon as your order is shipped you will be E-mailed.

With the range of accessories you will never go disappointed; there is everything for everyone in the store.