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  1. What is the best case for iPhone SE 2020?

    What is the best case for iPhone SE 2020?

    The best iPhone SE 2020 cases are the essential buys since your device needs to be kept safe and protected. With a new iPhone SE comes new cases. There are lot of new options, while your old iPhone case may fit. For the iPhone SE 2020, you have the option to adorn your smartphone with the glass back to enable it for wireless charging. Not only this, new cases come with a variety of other amenities like lanyard attachments, lens mounts, integrated wallet and many more.

    There are several options in the market, through which you can choose your favorite iPhone SE 2020 case. These cases range from low-cost bare bones shells, to high-end models through eco-friendly options. Some of the best-selling items are here.

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  2. Which phone cases offers the best protection - Samsung Galaxy A12

    Which phone cases offers the best protection - Samsung Galaxy A12

    The Samsung Galaxy A12 was announced in November as the newest entry-level smartphone by Samsung. It succeeds the Galaxy A11 released in March and comes with data from Samsung's start-up phone. It has an octa-core processor made of 2.3GHz and 1.8GHz clocked CPU cores. Samsung didn't tell you which chipset it does have, but from the configuration, it seems to be Helio P35. Also available is the quad-camera setup with an LCD of 720p.

    Samsung Galaxy A12

    Choose the correct A12 case as the best way to achieve a maximum protection for the A12. In this effort, we have chosen A12 Cases, which provide not only ultimate protection but also long-lasting, flexible and functional cases that improve the A12's appearance and sensation.

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  3. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review 

    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review 

    The new Samsung Galaxy s21 FE is one of the smoothest smartphones among the others in S-series of Samsung Galaxy we have seen in 2021 thus far. We need the efficient and most user-friendly devices, but this is the best option that a user can expect to have. The high-tech device contains smoothest and easy to use interface and there is no surprise that the new smartphones continue legacy. However, within the modern features, new Samsung Galaxy s21 FE has doubled down on the cameras. Not only camera, there are many things that can be more impressive as compared to the other Androids of the present age. According to the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review, it packs all the important and excellent features of the Galaxy S20 into a more affordable package.

    People always want smartphones for a good price. This model offers you as 120HZ display, triple cameras with 30x space zoom and 5G for just $699. Its 32MP selfie camera is sharper than the front camera

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  4. OnePlus 9 pro review

    OnePlus 9 pro review

    OnePlus 9 pro review

    Looking for a high-quality smartphone for your use? The OnePlus 9 pro is the right option for you. The majority of people look for smartphones that provide efficient communication functions. This is the model that provides you instant connectivity with Bluetooth and other connections like Wi-Fi.

    You can learn more about this smartphone with the help of the OnePlus 9 pro review. These are demanded by most of the individuals in the business sector. It is a prestigious device and all its adornments are innovative. It gives you an extraordinary class and style. It is an android device that works with modern features.

    It is super-fast wireless charging support, immersive audio quality, powerful hardware and a high-class leading high-refresh-rate display phone. These androids set models of worth. Some of its features and

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  5. OnePlus 9 Review: A well-rounded smartphone to rival the large players

    OnePlus 9 Review: A well-rounded smartphone to rival the large players

    The new OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9 are among the smoothest Android phones we've seen in 2021 thus far. They desire the fastest and most user-friendly Android phones I even have ever used, but these are things that users expect from OnePlus. The Chinese tech giant thus far has the smoothest Android phones and it's no surprise that the new smartphones continue the legacy.

    However, within the latest offerings, OnePlus has doubled down on the cameras -- almost just the way they touted the imaging prowess of the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 7 Pro. At this point around, the Shenzhen-headquartered firm is ruffling some feathers by touting a partnership with legendary camera maker Hasselblad.

    OnePlus makes bold claims, but at this point, it is not going out of its thanks to saying that it's certain magical capabilities as Hasselblad is related to photography in space.

    Performance, battery, and charging


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  6. Which case is best for Samsung Galaxy A02s?

    Which case is best for Samsung Galaxy A02s?

    The Samsung Galaxy A02s is one of the cheapest Smartphones from a range of phones from electronic giant Samsung that you can actually happily buy. As for the specifications, the Galaxy A02s sports a 6.5-inch 720×1600 PLS IPS touchscreen, a Snapdragon 450 chipset, 3/4GB of RAM, 32/64GB of expandable storage, a 13 MP rear camera along with a 2 MP macro cam, and a 2 MP depth sensor, a 5 MP selfie shooter, and a 5,000 mAh battery with 15W charging. The Smartphone comes combined with one UI running on Android 10, which is quite a nifty little package available for less than a couple of hundred bucks.


    To protect your Smartphone against any impact and damages, we have gathered in this article some of the best cases for your Samsung Galaxy A02s. Let’s dive in:

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  7. Mobile Lyme Smartphone Accessories Award Winning Company 2020

    Mobile Lyme Smartphone Accessories Award Winning Company 2020

    Best Online Smartphone Accessories Retailer - UK

    Mobile Lyme is an ambitious UK based provider of phones and phone accessories that prioritises market research and diligence. Having cornered the market in the UK, it considers where its next expansions might lead.

    Established in 2015, Mobile Lyme was born from the idea of studying the small details of the market to unite a larger industry. In this way, it has carved out a niche for itself that generates large financial potential across the board, and currently provides a secure website through which to purchase mobile phones and accessories. During its inception, its Director, Melford,

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  8. Which is better: Hard or soft phone cases?

    Which is better: Hard or soft phone cases?

    It is an undisputed fact that every Smartphone needs a genuinely protective phone case for its protection, no matter how rugged. There are hard cases, soft phone cases, and even combo of both in Smartphone cases available to you, but the main task lies in choosing which type of phone case will actually protect your phone?

    In this article, we will be providing you with all the relevant information you need to know before you decide between hard cases and soft cases for your phone. So, keep reading to find out the differences between hard and soft phone cases, and which one will protect your Smartphone best.

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  9. Does the Samsung A12 support wireless charging?

    Does the Samsung A12 support wireless charging?

    Cables used as electronic accessories are steadily becoming part of the past, even when it comes to recharging your gadgets. Now, the time is for wireless charging to rule your hearts because its convenience is making its way into a growing number of devices. Devices that offer wireless charging can be recharged by simply being placed on top of a compatible charging pad.

    Released last year, the Samsung Galaxy A12 Smartphone is one very affordable Smartphone with a handy suite of specifications to make it an attractive offer. The Smartphone comes packed with 3 GB, 4 GB, and 6 GB RAM with 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB internal storage options. It is fueled with a non-removable Li-Po 5000 mAh battery with Fast battery charging 15W. If you are eyeing to buy a Smartphone which supports fast wireless charging, then Galaxy A12 should be your ideal choice.

    Please keep reading to know whether Galaxy A12 supports wireless charging….

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  10. Best online retailer to find Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Cases

    Best online retailer to find Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Cases

    The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is said to be 6.5 inches in size and comes with a Super AMOLED display, 1080 x 2400 pixels, and has the Android 11 operating system. The handset also has a Glass front (Gorilla Glass), plastic back and aluminum frame.

    Since after buying the Smartphone, the first and foremost necessity is to get protective accessories like cases and covers for your device, we have listed the name and details of the best online retailer to find Samsung Galaxy A52 5G cases. The mobile phone cases from best online retailers and brands are of very much importance to protect the screen and its outer body against physical damages. It calls for investment in the right kind of brands to buy the best Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy A52 5G devices.

    But don’t worry because Mobile Lyme Limited has got your all covered. The online store of the company has cases and covers listed from all kinds of brands, from top most to the one most p

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