Where is my order?

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There are many ways to track your orders location. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive and order conformation from us.

*COVID - 19 is one of the main reasons why your order can be delayed if you have chosen Royal Mail shipping method, there maybe some additional delays in your parcel arriving.

If you have signed up for and account

  • You can track your order by visiting our website.
  • Click on login / Register button
  • Once login you can check the status of your order.
  • There is also our help desk there for any concerns that you may need answers that's not already answerd here.


If you haven't signed up for and account

  • You can track your order by emailling us at Email: support@smartphone-accessories.co.uk
  • Please provide the information that you have receive from us during your order completion, order number, name, address and we will be able to help you find your order.


Using your tracking number 

  • If you have chosen the tracking shipping method to have your order shipped, you can vsist the shippers website (e.g Royal Mail) and use the tracking number that we will provide you to track your orders where about.

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