Buy Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Mobile Phones are something that people use in their daily life. It has become our daily companion and therefore, there always remains a high chance that our mobile phones may get subject to daily abuse or accidental mishaps. This is the reason one should use mobile covers, yet the best one that will protect your phone, its camera, and back panel from scratches and any bumps.

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In this article, we have gathered the list of best cases for your latest Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Smartphone that you can find at Mobile Lyme Limited Company as available here at this website.

So, without further ado, let’s browse through the collection of best cases for Samsung Galaxy A42 5G:


Case FortyFour No. 11 Case for Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Forty-Four No. 11 Case is one of the best protective mobile phone covers for your Galaxy A41 5G. The case is accompanied with an in-built stand and has an integrated shell with microfiber lining and hands-free design.


This Fort-Four No. 11 case for Samsung Galaxy A42 5G provides drop-proof protection to your Smartphone. It saves the mobile screen of the device from any scratches; in particular it has a magnetic clasp that works like a protection shield, preventing the device from any accidental drops.

The in-built stand of the mobile phone facilitates hands-free content streaming for the users while keeping the device screen scratch free. The wallet case model is designed to have an integrated shell for additional safety of the device. Moreover, the microfiber lining inside the case gives extra protection to the mobile screen.


The wallet model of the case forty-four 11 is designed with an aim to provide protection to both front and back side of the mobile, promising long durability of Galaxy A42 5G.

Design and Packaging:

Case forty-four 11 is made up of high-quality synthetic material. It further features three card slots for your mobile phone that makes it the ideal choice for the users. Notably, the protection shield of the case does not impede with the functionalities of the device while providing adequate protection to it.


Tech-Protect Floral Case for Galaxy A42

As the name suggests, this Tech-Protect Floral case for your Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is a perfect choice for the female users. Extreme feminine look is given to this case, with the floral print and stylish pattern that will just make anyone fall in love with them.


Besides, being stylish, the case also stands strong in providing drop-proof protection against shocks, bumps, and scratches. It has an intended flexible TPU frame surrounded for the extra and overall protection of Galaxy A42 5G Smartphone.

This Tech-Protect Floral case has extremely feminine design with stylish patterns, while not compromising on providing ample protection to the device. As it is made up of flexible TPU, the device is protected from any accidental mishaps.


The TPU frame surrounds the device from all corners, giving required all-round cushioning to the device, which makes it long durable.


Made of flexible TPU, with precise and perfect cutouts around the case, makes the Tech-Protect Floral case perfect look to your device with easy access to all functionalities of the device.


Tech-Protect Smart View Case for Samsung Galaxy A42

Tech-Protect Smart View Case is featured with a cut-out at the front of the speaker that facilitates in answering calls with housing closed and provides double-layer protection to your Galaxy A42.


The Smart View Case is made with a blend of synthetic leather and PC carbonate shell which provides double-edged protection around the shell of the device. The magnetic clasp of the device aids in protection against drops and shocks.


Having an integrated magnet window in the case to notify time after the app is installed, plus the smart view feature of the device screen suggests the long durability of the screen. Additionally, the synthetic leather infusion of a hard PC provides great durability to this Smart View case.


Tech-Protect Smart View Case is made up of Synthetic leather and hard PC material, with ample double layer protection and innovative features. This case offers both external and internal protection keeping the fingerprint resistant for a long time.


Tech-Protect Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

This eco-friendly wallet case is the top choice of environment lovers. The case has its own elegant design with adequate safeguards and magnetic closure to provide protection to your Galaxy A42 5G.

Protection and Durability:

Tech-protect Wallet case has magnetic closure that is effective in providing drop-proof protection to your device against shock, bumps, and any accidental drops. Because of its leather material, this Wallet case has guaranteed durability.


It is made up of eco-friendly leather which adds great comfort in usage without compromising on its elegance. The interior of this wallet case features card slots enabling the user to carry their money and cards along.


Tech-Protect Defence Hybrid-shell Case for Galaxy A42

As the name suggests, this Defence Hybrid-shell is made up of tough and fusion materials which provides great durability to this case.

Protection and Durability:

The defense hybrid shell case is made up of fusion materials hard PC and flexible TPU which facilitate its ample all-round protection. The case offers the toughness and features with slightly raised housing around the device which protects it from rubbing against the flat surfaces.


Tech-protect hybrid shell protection to the device is with the fusion of material, i.e. flexible TPU and hard PC. It has modern and stylish design without compromising on the protection and access to full-functionality of the device.


Final Remarks:

Here, our journey of providing you the list of best cases for the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G comes to an end. There are varieties of options above but the final decision rests up to you. You can browse through the other collection of the Mobile Lyme Limited website. They also update the customers with regular buying guides for mobile cases and covers for latest phones.

So, seal the deal now by buying your protective case and covers and enjoy stress free experience with your Smartphone.