Does the Samsung Galaxy A21s support wireless charging?

Cables used as electronic accessories are steadily becoming part of the past, even when it comes to recharging your gadgets. Now, the time is for wireless charging to rule your hearts because its convenience is making its way into a growing number of devices. Devices that offer wireless charging can be recharged by simply being placed on top of a compatible charging pad.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s Smartphone is one very affordable Smartphone with a handy suite of specifications to make it an attractive offer. If you are eyeing to buy this phone and want to know whether Galaxy A21s support wireless charging or not, you have come to the right place.

Please keep reading to know whether Galaxy A21s supports wireless charging….

The wireless charging facility is a significantly easier way to charge your device than using the traditional wired charger. Wireless charging is indeed a one stop solution for trouble free charging when one needs to power up their phone fast without having to plug anything in. It saves you from getting all tangled up with the wire and gives you super comfort and quick charging facility. Thanks to the company, Samsung Galaxy A21s also has wireless charging.

Pricing and Wireless charging

The starting price of Samsung Galaxy A21s has come down from £179 to just £149 in the Boxing Day sales over on Amazon. Additionally, the Smartphone sells with 24 month contracts starting at roughly £15 per month. This is evidently quite a reasonable price for the phone that makes it the best choice for the customers.

As far the wireless charging is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy A21s support wireless charging and the manufacturer offers a branded wireless charging kit along with the handset. To charge the device, you simply need to put it down on the charging base of the wireless charging pad.

Samsung Galaxy A21s supports wireless charging at a guaranteed maximum rate of 15 W fast charging, and the battery goes from 0 to 100 in a little over two hours. Just simply place your phone on a charging station and you are good to go. It has outstanding battery life due its 5,000 mAh battery that comes accompanied with an efficient Exynos 850 processor and a lower screen resolution of 1600 x 720 to help the battery last longer.

The Galaxy A21s has a 6.5 inch screen display and uses a USB-C charging port that is located on the bottom edge of the phone. Further, the handset is flanked by a 3.5mm audio jack and solitary speaker grille. This Galaxy A series Smartphone that runs Android 10 and the core version of One UI 2.1 and possesses only the most basic features rather than the traditional Samsung features.

Although the features included are noteworthy and the price quote calls for your attention, there are several other competitors handsets in the market that are also doing well in this price segment.

Let’s see examples of some of the suitable wireless charging adapters for your Samsung Galaxy A21s device:

  • Tech-Protect Ultra Thin Qi Wireless Charging Adapter

You can use the Tech-Protect Ultra Thin Qi Wireless charging adapter to add wireless charging to your Samsung Galaxy A21s device without having to replace the back cover or case. The adapter is compatible with the handset and Qi wireless chargers. You just need to connect the adapter to your device via the USB-C port, attach the wireless receiver patch on to the back of your phone and place it on a wireless charging pad. It is designed for quick and intuitive charging.

  • Goobay Universal 5W Qi Wireless Charging Compact Power Pad

This charging pad is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy A21s and with other latest smartphones supporting lightweight QI wireless charging. The product also comprises 1M micro USB cable.

  • Official Samsung Galaxy Wireless Fast Charging Pad

This official Samsung Galaxy Wireless charging Pad is compatible with Galaxy A21s to be used to wirelessly charge the smartphone using the fast charging technology of this charging pad.


  • Official Samsung Qi Wireless Fast Charging 2.0 Duo Pad

You can use this 2.0 Samsung duo pad for charging your Galaxy A21s device and your Smartwatch simultaneously. As it’s an official Samsung brand, the charging pad is compatible with your Galaxy A21s handset and supports fast wireless charging technology. 

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Final Remarks

Samsung Galaxy A21s is another well-priced Smartphone from the company sitting on the shelves to attract customer’s attention. Samsung has included quadruple cameras with 48MP in the handset which is rather remarkable given how little it costs. Yes, it is one of the cheapest Smartphones from the Samsung collection of recent launches.

Coming to the question we had in the start of the article, does the Samsung Galaxy A21s have wireless charging? Well, sure it does. You will get to avail the wireless charging facility with the handset. So, if you want to end this year by buying a smart phone at a quite reasonable price, then go for Galaxy A21s.