Prodigee Safetee Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Safetee Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

If you want to protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, then you Samsung provide you safetee covers for Samsung galaxy s9 plus series. A lot of features which you can perform easily with this galaxy case like easily display of who is calling you? Without opening the S9 plus Cover you can reject the call with one single finger swipe over the Samsung case. See all the alerts, notifications and alarm as well. You can easily control your music voice samsung galaxy S9 plus phone case. Samsung Accessories make our life easier day by day.

If you want to see your favorite movie or read out any important newspaper or magazine, you can fold the back front and easily stand your phone. Now you don’t need to open the Protective phone case and see all the notifications for respond.

Reason for Buying Prodigee safetee case

  • See Notifications, Alarms, incoming calls, and text SMS without open your galaxy S9 plus slim case
  • Maintain proper screen Protection without any extra functionality.
  • Reflect as a mirror when your cell is in rest position.
  • Give Stand up Functionality view in Samsung galaxy S9 plus case.
  • 100% Guaranteed of Official Samsung Accessory.
  • It is supported on all ports and connectors in Samsung galaxy S9 plus phone case.
  • galaxy S9 plus Safetee Case is compatible with Qi wireless charging.

View Notifications Without open Prodigee safetee case

Mobile lyme provide us durability. You can easily view notification, your set up alarms that you have scheduled for any important meeting. Watch your contacts who is calling you and also you can reject this call without open the galaxy case. You can view text messages and reply to them. Samsung galaxy S9 plus slim case make the user comfortable and relax. No need to open your covers, see notifications one by one and reply to every candidate. it is too much simple and easier way to play with your phone. Sometime you need to reply very fast and quickly so therefore this one functionality is fulfill the need of user to quick response without opening s9 plus cover.

Screen Protection without any extra Bulk

Mobile lyme provides us original Samsung cases which is more flexible and helpful for mobile users. Samsung safetee covers protect your phone from dust and other scratches also. Your Samsung galaxy will be secure in this cover. Prodigee safetee case keep protection to your S9 plus from small particles and other dots or scratches.

Reflect as a mirror when your cell is in rest position.

Another awesome feature of this S9 plus cover is that when your Samsung galaxy S9 in rest position, Samsung safetee cover provide double mirror effect and display as Awesome reflection with professional look. It seems like a mirror as double sided effect. Better looking, nice display slim and smart look.

Give Standup Functionality view

Thanks to Samsung, Which fulfill all important needs and care of your customer. If you want to see the movie and read interesting articles or blogs, Samsung provide us the solution to this problem. The front covers galaxy case allow the case to turn itself horizontally. It makes a wonderful view to watch movies, dramas, listen to favorite music or even read books or newspapers. You don’t feel eye stress or neck pain during watching any series using on standup functionality.

100% Guaranteed of Official Samsung Accessory

S9 plus slim cases is made of high-quality material and top standard official Samsung product. Samsung designed especially for galaxy s9 plus mobile phone users. It a perfect fit for galaxy s9 users.

It's supported on all ports and connectors.

Safetee cover for Samsung galaxy s9 plus is easy access all ports controls charging ports and for camera. Samsung accessories provide extra ordinary compatibility for different ports and connectors.

Provide Easy Grip

No need to worried about suddenly dropping or slip out your galaxy S9 plus from your hand. You can easily grip and hold their s9 galaxy phone. Galaxy S9 plus Safetee Cases gives better grip and holding facility to its users. You can be sure your galaxy s9 plus mobile will remain in your hand when you are texting, watching any movie or doing some activities as well. Its gives you mentally satisfaction, now you can easily move your cell phone without any extra care.


  • Certified and Shock tested safety cover
  • Slim Smart and light weighted
  • Textured casing which provide better grip
  • Provide built-in buttons on S9 plus Slim case.
  • Buttons are easy to push
  • The case fits well and does offer some protection

Prodigee safetee case is finally shock tested and also certified. It means that this safetee cover has been extremely drop tested  which will assure that your device Is well protected.