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  1. What happens if we use a cell phone too much?

    Overuse of cellphone or smartphones creates several problems physically which may cause permanent damage or be difficult to treat. 

    Excessive use of cell phones is bad for your health. Constant over-use of phone leads to increase anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and low self-esteem. It also creates irritation, frustration, and impatience in users when it is not being used. 

    Diminishing eyesight, weight gain, back problems, long term sleep deprivation can cause drowsiness, problem concentration, and slowing the immune system.

    • Eye Strain
    • Neck Pain
    • Lower Oxygen Level
    • Wrist Sprains
    • Sleep Disturbance
    • Anxiety
    • Depression.
    • Cause of Bacteria.
    • Increase in accidents.
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  2. Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has wireless charging?

    Samsung comes up with the latest smartphones and other accessories every year. Samsung introduced smartphones that provide wireless charging to the user. Although Wireless charging has no burden of wires, cable, handier, and easy to use but wireless charging device should have to compatible with wireless charging adapter otherwise phone cannot get charged. The Samsung phones allows to wirelessly charge other devices with your phone. Samsung’s flagships of 2019 were considering the first devices to come with wireless Power Share. Here are few important points briefly discuss in this article

      • What is Wireless Power Share?
    • Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
    • How to use Wireless PowerShare on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
    • Some precautions while using Wireless charging.
    • Samsung S
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