Best Wireless Chargers 2020

 Best Wireless Chargers 2020. The Charger is a basic necessity of every person who carries a cell phone. From the past few years, wired charges are faster than wireless but now the latest smartphones contain fast and speedy wireless charges.

It is a fact that nothing can beat the speed and efficiency of wired charges. The wireless charger does not contain any connection cable and transfers power to your phone through a powerful medium. It consists of a power transferring pad and a receiver and that power transmitting pad consist of a cable that is connected to the power outlet.

How does it work?

Before moving towards Best Wireless Chargers 2020, let’s talk about the working and standards of the wireless charger to make this blog quite clear and understandable for you.

Wireless charging is based on the process of Inductive charging/ Cordless charging in which power is generated through Magnetic Induction and electromagnetic field creates an electric current which is converted into a Direct current and device start charging. The standard of wireless charging is Qi that defines wireless power transmit and this Qi standard is adopted by many of the smartphones. This Qi charger is one of the best choices in 2020 for wireless charging.

Someone of the best wireless chargers in 2020 is enlisted and explain below. Let’s discuss one by one.

  1. U HONOR fast Car Wireless Chargers
  2. Samsung Wireless Chargers
  3. Hoco E47 Dual Wireless USB Car Charger
  4. FM Multiple wireless transmitter Car Charger 5V/1.4A.
  5. Yootech Wireless Charger

U HONOR fast Car Wireless Chargers

U Honor fast car Wireless Charger is a small, packed, and easy to use charger has a maximum charging with sufficient speed. U Honor design is not much complicated and it is placed in your car cigarette and lighter place. This charger has extremely fast in speed and can charge your phone within an hour but has simple, reasonable and stylish in look. Quality-wise it is a highly recommended wireless charger because it’s charging pad is made of shiny plastic and high-quality durable rubber.

It is available in basic three colors black, silver and golden. This smart adaptive charger gives your protection from overheating and short circuits. It is available for all smartphones either Andriod or iPhone and different U HONOR wireless chargers have different amperes like 2.4A, 3.1A. You can still use your phone either horizontally or vertically while charging. The wireless charger has 2 ports and can charge two smartphones at one time. It supports every Qi-enabled smartphone and its price ranges up to $5 to $10.

Samsung Wireless Chargers

There is a tremendous about this Samsung Superfast Wireless Charger is that it can charge two devices at a time. You can charge your phone, smartwatch or any phone related accessory within one time. So if you are in a hurry or you have to do some important work then despite having any difficulty you can charge both 2 devices (that you need) at once.

Samsung Superfast Wireless Charger consists of one black outlet and two main charging areas that can charge up to 7.5W. Superfast Qi wireless certified charger has a built-in cooling system and fans that protect the device from heat up. It can be compatible with all Samsung Galaxy phones (especially S8, Note8) and Apple iPhone (especially iPhone X).

Hoco E47 Dual Wireless USB Car Charger

Hoco E47 Dual wireless charger can plug into your car cigarette and lighter place. It contains wireless headphones with it so you can also enjoy your music and attend urgent calls. It has Bluetooth connectivity and 2 USB ports in which one has 5V- 3.1A and USB port support 18W.

It has the best and premium quality design and its maximum charging time is hours. While charging, you can keep your phone in a landscape or portrait position on a pad. Moreover, this charger is feasible for all Samsung and iPhones (not sure about coming one’s as they are not tested yet). The main advantage to buy this charger is that it has an extremely fast charging speed but it is now available in only black and white basic colors with a price up to $20 to $25.

FM Multiple wireless transmitter Car Charger 5V/1.4A

FM wireless has a feature of an MP3 FM transmitter and you can listen to news, music, and documentaries at any time. You can also call it a “Wireless Hub” because it contains 2 multiple numbers. This charger contains LED charging indicators for FM which turns blue and lighten up when power is connected or the phone is completely charged.

Moreover, it also has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity this power boost wireless charger can not only connect with all smartphone devices but can virtually connect with any device like Camera, Air pods, Air pods Pro, Qi enables devices and it is up to 2.1A with price $15 to $20.

Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech wireless charger is a simple and best wireless Qi charger which works appropriately along with Air pods. Its charging power is up to 5W to 10W. This charger contains three different charging modes

  1. 5W for enabled Qi devices like (Google Pixel phones).
  2. 7.5W for all iPhone devices.
  3. 10W for all Samsung mobile devices.

Moreover, its design has a catchy black color look with a rounded pad and contains a green light as an indicator which lightens up or 3 seconds when power is on and when a complete charging process gets started, then indicator turns off automatically. It has a C-C port and a USB-C port. Yootech power charger is completely durable at affordable prices and has no risk rate.


Wireless chargers are one of the greatest and best creation in mobile computing technology. As we all know that plenty of times it becomes ceaseless and irritating to plug in and plug out the charger so you can surely buy any wireless charger that you find more convenient in terms of price, features, and design. So let make it hassle-free, read this blog and it will surely urge you to fill your cart with your best product.

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